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Some Notable Web Design Trends for the Forthcoming Year

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The concept of web design as well as the requirements of those who look for websites constantly change. The website owners tend to make changes frequently to get their websites updated and be attractive to the users.

When it comes to online business, it is essential to always keep your website updated and to incorporate all the changing needs of the users. Here we will discuss a few such things, which you need to keep in mind to address the web design challenges for the new year to come.

The need for more illustrations

The designs of websites can be more diversified in the coming year. Among these diverse changes, illustrations are going to be one crucial factor web designers need to keep an eye on. The users have already started seeing things as handmade artworks. It is not only more aesthetic to view, but can be much helpful also for the users to get a natural feel.

Websites with hand-drawn illustrations are found to be more original when compared to the previous flat designs. There is no doubt that content plays a vital role in future websites, so the biggest challenge for the web designers is to create more artful original content.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already started playing its role in personal communication and this is going to be the next big step in terms of website development too. Online businesses may start to communicate to the consumers through AI interfaces over a phone, PC, or through TV.

It can happen real time anywhere. There is a large range of situational combinations for AI interactions to happen, and this needed to be effectively incorporated to a website, which is the challenge web designers and developers need to take.

Not just for the new sites, but it important for the existing websites too to incorporate the above changes in order to survive in the highly competitive online market. So, designers too plays a vital role in the business process, not only for the corporate giants, but even for the smallest business owners who want to show their presence on internet.