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Grow Tent

What are the things you must know before installing a mammoth grow tent?

Mammoth grow tent is a great way to grow your favourite plants. Such a grow tent is available in cabinets and various sizes and prices. Growing plants will be beneficial if it comes with higher internal reflectance. This will give you also the opportunity to add–on lighting equipment.

What are the various models of mammoth grow tent available?

Listed below are few models which may be beneficial for you while purchasing one:

  • Mammoth Classic – This model is considered to be the most reasonably priced and popular choice due to its quality grow tent. This is mostly inexpensive and hence is also one of the top tents on the market. Due to its aluminium structure, it tends to have a robust and broad canvas. When light hits the inner walls, it will bounce back and fall on the plant as it is coated with a reflective material. This feature prevents the light from leaking or going for waste.
  • Mammoth Pro – This is also a popular mammoth grow tent. It comes with solid fabric and reflective walls. It also has great features such as light can get transmitted to the plants. Studies indicate that this grows tent yields the highest return. You can also easily access the plants during the farming season as it has a door along with lateral windows.
  • Mammoth and mammoth elite – Both have an excellent feature like a mammoth pro. It is available in a bigger size wherein you can create an incredible grow room in any space of your house.
  • Mammoth Dryer – As the name itself signifies, this particular tent is used for freshening the harvest. This will not cause any humidity inside as the walls itself are breathable. This tent also allows the net to dry since it has a filter-enabled ventilation system. This feature prevents the dry crops from decomposing.

With the availability of various kinds of models, you can choose the one who offers top quality and an affordable price.