WebEdit Professional makes website maintenance easy…

WebEdit Professional – Web Content Management Interspire is pleased to introduce WebEdit Professional – The perfect WYSIWYG website building tool, that lets you rapidly create, manage and/or sell professional websites with full web content management functionality. For web developers: You get a powerful, user-friendly web content management system to re-brand as your own and sell to your customers as a valuable solution (it also means no more fiddly site updates on Friday afternoons!). With restricted editing, you can specify what your clients can edit to protect your design, layout and server side code. For web masters: This is the end of paying technical staff to do expensive and time-consuming updates. You have complete control of your web content and can add/edit/delete product information, build a new site section, alter your branding or launch a new marketing initiative in minutes – and you can do this from anywhere in the world from any web browser!.

WebEdit Professional Benefits

Manage entire websites – Easily create a professional website in under 5 minutes, and manage it all with online web content management tools. Multi-user support lets user groups manage the content of different sections.

Make updates anytime, anywhere – Remove all the hassles associated with organizing and briefing in changes. All you need to do is login through a browser and you can update the content yourself from your office, home, laptop, or even when you’re travelling.

Completely re-brandable for web developers – Now you can offer clients a simple, powerful and affordable web content management solution to let them update their own website. Specific web developer features mean you can re-brand it as your own solution and charge what you like – enjoy added credibility to your service offerings, a competitive advantage, more profits and no more painful updates.

Save time and money – You can build fully functional and professional websites without the need for expensive web development tools or technical staff. No need to pay for updates, and no more waiting for your webmaster to make your required updates. Setup, design, implementation and maintenance costs are no longer an issue – leaving you more time and money to get on with your business.

It’s as easy as using Microsoft Word – With the powerful Online WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, create and edit professional HTML pages in minutes with no need to worry about coding or a third party FTP client.